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Dutch Masters Exhibition November 27, 2009

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Boogschutter, by Rob Veening

Boogschutter, by Rob Veening

The curator of artworks from the Royalafrican Collection, David Oduki, is an infectiously enthusiastic raconteur with a big grin. He manages the largest collection of modern European art intended for display in Africa, which is now on exhibition at the Uganda National Museum. Sitting underneath a jacaranda tree in the grounds, he talks about the extraordinary measures it took the Brazilians to gather a major collection of European art in the São Paulo Museum of Art. Royalafrican aims to do something similar.

The exhibition, Dutch Masters Today, began with controversy as all the artists cancelled their trips due to lack of funds given the global financial downturn, also in fear of swine flu and rioting in Kampala. “It would have been nice to have the artists here to talk about their work and network with the local artists,” admitted Oduki. Nevertheless, all 55 valuable artworks are on display according to plan.