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Ugandan Artist Going Back To Basics August 21, 2010

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Extract of art review for AfricanColours published on 05/07/2010

At his home-cum-studio, Michael Opio Orech talks about the many years it took for Opitox Art to become recognisable and what it means to his personal pursuit of happiness. After graduating from Makerere University, he was shut up behind documents and spent years as an archivist with the Bank Of Uganda.

Opio at work

Some artists out there are devoted to finding new styles – styles so creative that exponents of contemporary art are still surprising the public with their findings. For other artists, other than delving into an all out white wash of the usual expectations, they are going back to the basics; from dots to lines and finally stick figures.


Another angle to the joy of life is continuously finding new life after the destruction of functional objects. Such pieces include the remains of a calabash, a reconstituted wood panel, abandoned masks and traditional music instruments that have long gone silent. All the jagged pieces are embellished and recast as art.

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