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Death Would Be Better If It Wasn’t The End Of Life January 27, 2010

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Extract of art review by Sophie Alal for

Struggling Women

Struggling Women by Paul Kaspa Kasembeko

October 9th came and went, a significant date in the newspapers because it was the 47th anniversary of Uganda’s independence. Thus the exhibition which has been showing since then at Makerere University Art Gallery titled ‘After Independence…So What?… Now What?’

In this diverse exhibition, it was delightful to see art that was political, explicit and topical. Most were either scoffing at Independence, or ranting against post colonial governments. Unfortunately, some of the malaise and management problems the artists were objecting to seem also to apply to the gallery itself; turning up at 10:45, fair enough, as gallery hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, the doors were only slightly ajar. I poked my head through anyway, but was turned back. “Still cleaning,” said a man in charge. (more…)