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Happenings September 7, 2010

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Uganda Museum

3rd September – 15th September

Taga Nuwagaba

The free exhibition entitled Me and My Totem it explores Totems of the various people’s of Uganda . These photo-realistic images are a wonderful celebration of culture and an opportunity to delve into the mind of a creative giant.

Check it out

Pool Side Furniture Lugogo Bypass

4th September to 4th December

Juuko Hoods

From 10:00 am to 5:00pm everyday, he’ll be showing the latest works to come out of his Ivuka Art Studios.

National Theatre

7th September to 19th September

Various Artists

The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts 2010 is here. The event will feature music, dance, visual art and live performances.


Art & Poetry in Concert: The Butterfly Dance August 21, 2010

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Extract of art review by Sophie Alal for on 31/05/2010

Window dressing makes some uncomfortable situations bearable, while makeup, when skillfully applied to an ordinary face masks flaws and makes even the plainest individual an enigma.

And thus it is with visual art too, assuring that any extraordinary painting can transform a dull wall, page or any words by lending a little bit more of much needed colour and character.

The Butterfly Dance is the third episode in the poetry poster project series.

Cover of the book

It amounts to a mixed artistic grill, where established authors and upcoming writers collaborate with the finest of Uganda’s contemporary artists in transforming their words into colourful paintings.

The paintings were produced in the book to accompany the poems and stories.

Each one of the paintings was unique, though something similar shared by all of them was the presence of characters and plot.  And so even after taking a casual glance, you can imagine what is going on without the help of the accompanying poem or story.

The various techniques employed in the artists’ colourful interpretations of the poems encompass a wide range of media and styles, giving birth to works of collage, acrylics and water colours.

The artists are Stella Atal, Maria Naita, Paul Kaspa Kasembeko, David Kigozi, Joseph Ntesibe, Anwar Sadat and James Musaali.

After seeing some of David Kigozi’s paintings for the first time, it is natural to give a sigh of wonder at the realism with which he executes his work. His craft is displayed in a number of ways.

One  is the apparent ease with which he treats all his subjects, and the second is the economical use of colour which is in more ways dramatic, and no doubt done with an excellent artistic sense.

A Cockroach, shows fat cockroaches scurrying away to the right. In the near background, the black feet of chickens loom ominously, while the keen eye and beak of one of them is poised to strike.

Read the full review at AfricanColours


Words and Pictures November 27, 2009

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Review by Sophie Alal

A shorter version of this article was published in The East African November 2nd, 2009.

Sylvester of the Sylvester and Abramz duo.

Sylvester of the Sylvester and Abramz duo.

Mainstream disregard for the unknown is often what keeps artists starving. To address the balance, Words And Pictures (WAPI), initiated by the British Council, is a series of events across several African countries for underground artists to showcase their music, fashion, poetry, art photography, graffiti, video, illustrations and painting.

The 9th WAPI event in Uganda took place in The People’s Space at Hotel Africana in Kampala. Mr. Patrick Muyonjo, the technical director of the firm managing the event, explained “we give the artists who are executing music performances the stage, and then we give an opportunity to the artists who are within the stalls. It is showcased by MCs going over there and questioning them about their forms of art, what they feel, and why they are here.”