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February 14, 2013

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Kenya Stockholm Blog

The country is a safe playground of Western imperialism

Last week, a chorus of warnings by major imperialist powers about dire “consequences” for Kenya depending on the outcome of the March 4th elections, saturated both local and internal media. Leading the orchestra was the United States and Britain whose stern warnings (apparently against a Jubilee victory) were quickly echoed by France and Switzerland. In Kenya, the popular view currently being peddled with abandon through mainstream and social media is that Kenya will lose colossally in trade and diplomatic relations with its traditional Western allies depending on how Kenyans vote on 4th March.

While the lamentable disadvantages occasioned by a Jubilee victory are irrefutable, meek silence seem to dominate on the nature and degree of losses both American and European imperialism is likely to suffer in the event of a diplomatic imbroglio with Kenya for whatever reason. As a matter of…

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